Home Inspection Pricing:

1,000 sq ft or less
$385 Typically a 2 hour inspection.
1,001 – 2,000 sq ft $400 Typically a 2.5 hour inspection.
2,001 – 3,000 sq ft $450-$475 Typically a 3 hour inspection.
3,001 – 4,000 sq ft $500-$550 Typically a 3.5 hour inspection.
4,001 sq ft or more
$575 and Up Typically a 4-5 hour inspection.
Re-Inspection $150 Inspection of repairs that were made after the initial home inspection.
Outbuilding Inspection $50 Each Inspection of any extra outbuildings during main inspection. All home inspections include one detached garage if not already a part of the home.

Condominium and Townhouse Inspection Pricing:

Condo – Under 2,000 sq. ft
$350 Typically a 2 hour inspection.
Townhouse or Manufactured Home – Any Size
$375 Typically a 2.5 hour inspection.

Additional Inspection & Testing Pricing:

Radon Test $150 add-on to Full Inspection Two day measurement using equipment approved by the EPA for real estate transactions.
Hot Tub $50 add-on to Full Inspection
Pest & Dry Rot Inspection $75 add-on to Full Inspection Also known as a WDO (wood destroying organisms) inspection.
Sewer Scope $200 add-on to Full Inspection Sewer clean-out must be accessible for this service.
Asbestos Testing $100 add-on to Full Inspection Includes lab fees and shipping on up to 2 samples.